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Galaxy Sandbox

Greetings JavaViewers!

Welcome to a post where I will be telling everything about the upcoming game called “Galaxy Sandbox”! I will split this post up in sections, in order to make it easier to find your way through, and to only read what you need to know about! xD

Basic Info

•The game is a sandbox meaning there will be no ending (Like minecraft and terraria)

•The game will have to ‘main’ places you can be, The Space or Galaxy’s

•The game will have the feature for you to be able to create your own galaxy and its own

•planets. On these planets you will be able to grow seeds, gather materials, all this depending on what core was used the create the planet with!

•The game will have the feature for you to create planets using Planet Cores. There are different varieties of Planet Cores but the most common is the “Earth Core”. The Earth Core contains a soil made of stone and dirt, there can grow grass if the planet(s) has a sun. There will also be water or some other liquid if some circumstances are met.

•In order for there to be living organisms on your planet(s), you will need the right temperature and liquid, air for there to be life. Different organisms can be obtained by having different circumstances on the different planets in your Galaxy.

•But it isn’t just flying around and building peaceful galaxy’s with your character, no!!! not at all! Because in the first place, how are you going to get a Galaxy Core ? Or a Planet Core? Don’t you think these are hard to obtain? Or steal if you want to do that !? Well they are! And you need to go on different Adventures, Missions and Quests in order to obtain the ability to even have your own galaxy!

•First of all you will need a Good Spaceship. The one you start with is kind of crap :S Anyhow, stealing is something big in this game and can be very useful for your gameplay! Achieving it the right way is also good but might be a lot harder!

Going to edit this later